Final Project: The First Email Message

When I was looking for a final project idea, I saw the post on the timeline titled “First Email Message received at Mary Washington.” The post included the original text and time stamp from the email, then an idea struck me. A documentary could show how the addition of internet and email affected a college campus, and I could use UMW as the case study. I used superfluous film gained during a prior interview with Dr. Ackermann, discussions with Sean O’Brien of the CIO Office, and information gathered through some research on the current email load ont he UMW servers. I edited the video into a 2 minute 40 second video. I rearranged the interview to actually tell the story, and I added affects, transitions, titles, and some information to be used as comparisons. Once I finished the film, I uploaded it to youtube( Link here), and I embedded the film into the post on the timeline that describes the first email message.


Link to timeline post here

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