Jeff McClurken

Jeffrey McClurken was born on a rainy day in 1972. His mother, a stay at home mother, and his father, a cooper, chose to have a child for tax benefits. Little did they know that he would grow up to be a Civil War-ish historian. His credibility is yet to be determined by peer-review.  His high school years were plagued by D and D. His college years at Mary Washington College resulted in a BA in History. He almost completed his BA in Physics. His mentor, Luke Skywalker, taught him the ways of the force, while at Mary Washington College. Dr. McClurken's metachlorian count was much higher than even Dr. Bill Crawley. It was soon discovered that Dr. McClurken had chosen the dark side. He was banished to the Johnny Hopkins College for Challenged Youth, where he finished his education. When he returned to the University, he had reformed back to the good side. He exchanged his light saber for a green one, and moved on with his life. He now helps youth better understand 19th century history.

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