Documentary Update

My group and I decided to create a documentary that explores the impact of technology on Higher Education. We are specifically looking at the question with a lens on the University of Mary Washington. We have set up interviews with a faculty member in Computer Science( He has been with the University since 1980), a faculty member in Education, a Assistant Dean of Admissions, the Dean of Students( He has been with the University over 25 years and was student at the University before that), and one of the lead librarians. We are hoping to get a broad overview of the changes to Higher Education and where technology can take Higher Education. We have only conducted one interview so far, and it was intriguing to get their ideas and opinions about Technology. As a student who has grown up in a computer society and never remmebers a time not having the internet, colleges have had to change and evolve with the technology, but our interviewee does not believe that technology has dictated teaching in Higher Education, rather technology has facilitated and provided new tools for engagement. At the end of the interview, I asked if students were any different than they were 30 years ago at Mary Washington. I got an answer that I should have expected, but I didn’t. The faculty member stated that students are distracted now and have access to all of the information in the world, but they do not ponder on it. His answer seemed to be accidental, but may prove to be a profound way to understand the Information Age in this Modern Era. He also touched on the difference between knowledge and information. I doubt that our documentary will solve this issue completely or even anywhere close. Hopefully with all of the class documentaries, we can get a better understanding of the modern Information Age.

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