Hipster Wurlitzer

I do not want to give away too much from our project, but I can tell you two words: Hipster Wurlitzer. They are connected. I had no idea either. Neither were my idea. I wanted to do Aunt Jemima syrup or something funny, but Charlie came up with a great idea, Hipster Wurlitzer. It was a random shot in the dark. Everyone know what a hipster is if they see one, but how do you define one. A little bit of research turned up two fairly recent articles in the Time Magazine and the New York Times. They discuss the culture of hipsters, and their surprising origin. I had no idea, but the term “Hipster” began in the 1940’s to describe people hip with the music of the time. With an idea in mind, we researched advertisements of Wurlitzer jukeboxes. We chose to go with a print advertisement. We staged a party, and I took some photos of my group mates. They made perfect models. You may say to yourself… “Where’s the jukebox?” I can not spoil all of our trade secrets.

Party fit for a Jukebox

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